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Wapa di Ume Ubud | Experiences

Mr. Wayan, Coffee & Eatery

Mr. Wayan is bringing Bali true taste surrounded by the smell of paddies field in Ubud. Balinese cuisine is a traditional food from the volcanic island of Bali.It is one of the most complex cuisine in the world using incredible variety of spices, blended with fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Festivals and religious celebrations include many special foods prepared as offerings for the Gods, as well as other dishes consumed comunally during the celebrations. My passion is to share our local taste to the world and thank you for coming. I hope you have a great experience at Mr. Wayan.

Wapa's Restaurant

the menu offers you a combination of wonderful Balinese specialties, and more familiar western dishes. These facility additions extend to the provision of a new restaurant, offering the same fascinating mix of Western and Balinese dishes as its original counterpart. This fusion of east meets west even extends to the dining area completed by infinity pool overlooking rain forest.